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Toilet analyzes your stool and beams health results to your cellphone

Toilet analyzes your stool and beams health results to your cellphone

Apr-06-09 By Paul Wagorn
The Japanese are an innovative bunch. Everything from cellphones to cars and TV's have benefited from the Japanese pass time of making products better more interesting.

The latest device coming from Japan is a terminal that gets attached to toilets made by the toilet giant Imax. It analyzes your stool and gives you an instant health report to your cell phone.  Japanese toilets have always been a few steps ahead of the west, but this product even takes thinks a step further.
Creative people are crazy

Creative people are crazy

Feb-25-09 By Paul Wagorn
When I was a child, a doctor once told me that he suspected that I might have attention deficit disorder - ADD (or ADHD as it's now called).  He went on to say "..but, only a touch of it.  Basically enough to make you creative". I suspect that he was joking at the time, but it always made me wonder.
Be an angel, dear, and fix my bra.

Be an angel, dear, and fix my bra.

Dec-15-08 By Peter
Scott Dutton's wife complained that the semi-circular struts would slip out from under the cups of her bra.

Instead of mumbling, "Oh, really?" and continuing to focus on whatever guy-thing he was doing at the time, Scott came up with a permanent fix for his wife and scored a gold medal for Invention of the Year at the British Invention Show.

The Bra Angel bra repair kit was also selected from more than 200 other inventions to be included in the GMTV show and the BBC's The One Show.

So much for the applause. If Scott wants to make a success of his invention, he'll have to support his creative brilliance with cool, marketing smarts.

Traditional Livestock Keepers as Part of Modern Traceability Innovations

Nov-17-08 By Sam
Food safety is a growing demand all over the world. All food, and ingredients sold at local supermarkets or exported to EU countries, Canada and US must be traceable, and supply chain companies must be able to rapidly withdraw a batch of products from the market should the need arise.

True, we live in an ever-changing world of mass food production and, in the West at least, billion dollar retailers. Public concerns about food safety and worries about the apparent lack of transparency in the production and processing of food, mean that consumer demands have never been more stringent, according to IDTechEx, a global traceability firm.

This requires local enterprises, individuals and firms in fresh produce supply chain (including transporters, cold room/storage facilities) to maintain more detailed records and exercise greater controls, in other words called traceability in modern trade parlance.
For Music Composers, Let a Studio Tag Along, it’s Innovation

For Music Composers, Let a Studio Tag Along, it’s Innovation

Nov-08-08 By Sam
I have a confession: I listen to lots of music, not out of enjoyment, but for curiosity. Yet, I know very little about how music is made. My only serious involvement with music was when, years ago, I tried to invoke my artistic self and enrolled in a church singing group, but my vocals - let me say my hoarse throat - failed me, and that was it.

Let's face it, music is definitely about creativity and innovation. The sounds, the voice arrangements, and all. And I have always wondered how the prodigies and those flashy celebs make their music.

Farmers’ Spying Ingenuity Feeds Market Price Information

Nov-07-08 By Sam
Picture this: you are a  hard working onion and turnips farmer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and you feel that you should be selling your farm produce in the most expedient manner.

However, commodity traders and markets are not giving you the best price, and eventual consumers pay through the roof what you sold so cheaply that you feel cheated. What do you do? Forming a cooperative as part of producer protection is one thing you can do but what else? Here's how poor farmers in Africa have employed ingenuity and innovation.
This Ecoelectric Device Makes You Eat Greener Bread Toasts!

This Ecoelectric Device Makes You Eat Greener Bread Toasts!

Nov-05-08 By Sam
I love to do bread toasting for my family, and my son loves to dip them in tomato soup which he digs with gusto. Breakfast at our family table is never complete, son always reminds me, without toast bread for his beloved soup, and I agree.

But how much electricity do we spend toasting bread? I reckon it could be a lot because Morphy Richards wouldn't have spent their time or precious dime trying to make us eat greener bread toasts. That is, at least, when it comes to energy efficiency, and the Ecolectric 2 Slice Toaster, we are assured, is able to use 34% less electricity than conventional toasters.
A story about a physics exam…

A story about a physics exam…

Oct-15-08 By Paul Wagorn
Sometimes it's easy to get caught within the bounds of where an accepted solution "should" come from.  We need to look a the tools that we are given,  and get creative not just with the solution, but with the tools themselves.

The following concerns a question in a physics degree exam at the University of Copenhagen.  The story goes like this:

Brainstorming Better. A little help for my friend.

Oct-02-08 By Peter
A colleague wrote to me today.I wanted to bounce a premise off you. The Ad Club asked me to lead a workshop in December around a topic. I proposed "Better Brainstorming in Today's Idea Economy."

What I like is that brainstorming is something everyone takes for granted and something everyone believes they're good at. But as we know, there are good sessions and bad sessions. If you had to list the top 3-5 factors in successful brainstorming sessions, what would they be? I gave my friend my first-thing-in-the-morning, top-of-my-head response. I've polished it up a bit and it's below.
The Speed Vest

The Speed Vest

Sep-18-08 By Paul Wagorn
Sometimes someone comes up with something that makes everyone else think "Why didn't I think of that ?"

Have you ever outpaced cars and been honked at? Had a car almost wipe you out while making a turn? Do you ever ride your bike so fast that you wish that everyone else could know how close to the speed of light you were? Or sometimes are you riding your bike, cars honking impatiently behind you, wishing that they knew you were actually going more than 10 mph? Or maybe you just want to show off to your buddies that you left in your dust!

Enter... the speed vest!

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