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Innovation for Innovation’s Sake

Aug-12-08 By Peter
Innovation for innovation's sake
Isn't innovation and often a mistake

All of a sudden my cell phone stopped taking me directly to my voice mail messages. Now, instead of dialing in and entering my password, I have to enter another, two-digit code in order to hear my messages, along with another reminder that--guess what?--I'm about to hear my messages.

The Sewer Lid Question

Aug-10-08 By Peter
At one time, Microsoft employers asked prospective employees questions like, "Why are sewer lids round?" The idea was not so much to see if a candidate knew the answer, but to see how he or she would go about developing an answer.

Raise your IQ. Right now!

Aug-06-08 By Peter
You can actually raise your IQ, not just over the long haul, but in the next few hours.
Elegant Innovations. Can you beat these?

Elegant Innovations. Can you beat these?

Aug-05-08 By Peter
What's the most elegant invention or innovation of the past few centuries? I challenge anyone to beat the two I put at the top of my list. Before I reveal them, let me set what I think makes an innovation elegant.

So you think you know.

Aug-04-08 By Scott Wurtele
We can't make great decisions and create value if we don't know what is happening. I just took the following 'Is this smile genuine' test: try it. They have 20 15 second videos of fake and genuine smiles.


Aug-03-08 By Scott Wurtele
Most of what we believe is not true. Communication, collaboration, contact, is happening when we look and listen without history, without fear. Here we'll talk about the chaotic now; the interface between what was, and what is being created. It is fun to be comfortable in chaos, It is empowering to allow new gestalts to form. It is profitable to create based on what is going down NOW. Enjoy this new blog.

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