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Innovation Strikes Like Lightning

Innovation Strikes Like Lightning

Aug-18-08 By Peter
Courtesy Wikimedia

When the unexpected jumps out and smacks you in the face, it usually means, "Pay attention! A great innovation waits to be found." So we just might look for a connection between Usain Bolt's record-smashing 100-meter, gold-medal dash and the fact that he could be called a 200-meter specialist.

New Conrete Clears the Air

Aug-17-08 By Peter
In the Dutch province of Overijssel, a stretch of road has been paved with a surface of air-purifying concrete. Meant to fight pollution, the road consists of concrete paving stones spiked with a titanium dioxide-based additive. In sunlight, this additive should bind to nitrogen oxide particles spewed from car exhausts and converts them into friendly nitrates.

Robot Skin

Aug-14-08 By Peter
In less than a decade, robots and other electronic appliances may wear skin. Japanese researchers have developed a rubber-like material that stretches over surfaces and conducts electricity. That means the wearer can be made sensitive to temperature, moisture, and pressure.
Look Ma, No Hands!

Look Ma, No Hands!

Aug-14-08 By Wendy
Students at the Drexel University have developed a game controller that uses only your mind to execute actions.
The Invention Olympics

The Invention Olympics

Aug-14-08 By Peter
The original Greek Olympic Games were "invented" around -776. (See AD BC vs. CE BCE) They died and were revived in Athens, Greece, just before the turn of the 20th century.

While the world celebrates the glory of brawn, shouldn't we do something similar or better for brains?


Aug-13-08 By Peter
Lately, you might haved noticed a new way of distinguishing AD and BC dates. A so-called innovation now separates years before and after the zero mark with CE and BCE. Another one of those innovations for innovation's sake. Or a good reason to call out, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Innovation for Innovation’s Sake

Aug-12-08 By Peter
Innovation for innovation's sake
Isn't innovation and often a mistake

All of a sudden my cell phone stopped taking me directly to my voice mail messages. Now, instead of dialing in and entering my password, I have to enter another, two-digit code in order to hear my messages, along with another reminder that--guess what?--I'm about to hear my messages.

The Sewer Lid Question

Aug-10-08 By Peter
At one time, Microsoft employers asked prospective employees questions like, "Why are sewer lids round?" The idea was not so much to see if a candidate knew the answer, but to see how he or she would go about developing an answer.

Raise your IQ. Right now!

Aug-06-08 By Peter
You can actually raise your IQ, not just over the long haul, but in the next few hours.
Elegant Innovations. Can you beat these?

Elegant Innovations. Can you beat these?

Aug-05-08 By Peter
What's the most elegant invention or innovation of the past few centuries? I challenge anyone to beat the two I put at the top of my list. Before I reveal them, let me set what I think makes an innovation elegant.

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