Innovation Consultant

Anna Scott

Anna Scott
I work with people interested in changing the world, be that locally, nationally or globally. What is consistent across all is the need to make critical agreements with not only the "Stakeholders," but also with one's self and the work as it has presented itself to be done. A large part of what I do is focus that dizzying feeling of overwhelm so often experienced by changemakers when they scope out the next big project into a laser ray of perception, calm, fortitude and decisiveness. I ideate. I help name things and thus, tame things into viable projects, communication devices, pieces of writing, micro fund raising campaigns, and social network experiments.
You may read about my process on my website,

Anna Scott's consultancy:, “Community Radio for the 21st Century. Don’t just get seen, get it together.”
SHOWBOX, consulted with choreographer and community organizer Meg Wolfe to extend the reach of her project Anatomy Riot
Texterritory, scripting, performance, grant writing
Viver Brasil, copy writing, research consultant