Problem Solver

Anna Scott

Anna Scott
With years of experience thinking through complex, systemic problems and social formations that literally reorganize the human body and its interactions, I am uniquely equipped to develop innovative processes of connecting memory, people, technology, money and love to create social action. I track shifts in sociopolitical micro-climates, personal empowerment trends, arts practice and management and socialization through spirituality to develop quick and often quirky drivers, which galvanize localized communities of meaning makers. I thrive in group projects and enjoy harmonizing seemingly uncomplimentary approaches. I work with the invisible network: I am a Master Conduit.

Areas Anna Scott is Knowledgeable in:

Effects of digital copyright laws on cultural production, especially endangered cultures.
Developing sustainable models of production in the arts
Creating unusual alliances between local and global makers and green corporations to maximize cultural and societal impact
Doing good for the environment by creating social events/experiences

Techniques Anna Scott Uses:

Every thing begins with Dream Time Consultation with the client: what is your highest wish for this project? In their response, I create an index of sentiment, collecting terms that will drive the research, analysis and marketing. From there I use:
Political Economy
Key Word/Indexical challenge
SWOT, but through the flesh, the feelings a client has about their work/target

It is often from the quick accumulation of failures or misfires that the strongest performances & projects emerge. My process is a loop, which gives clients a chance to experiment with experimentation itself, at a rate that liberates ideas and drives deployment. I regard performances as analytical tools that delight, incite, and elucidate; the performance is frequently just writing, but can become ‘fleshed out.’ I attempt to engage subject matter from various positions so as not to flatten or create linearity where mutlilocality and vocality are central to the topic itself; this is particularly important when working in highly charged political climates. To that end, I investigate a ‘performer’ or performance through several avenues in succession:

1.encountering the work as an audience member/consumer/user;

2.endeavoring with the work as investigator, i.e. ethnographic data collection;

3.analyzing the work through performance (visualized, written, or enacted);

4.transcribing the work for other fields, types of users/makers/consumers;

5.distilling the analysis through instruction (clients peer teach and review each others' work);

6.documenting the confluence of performance and instruction as paper presentation;

7.compiling an article or creating a new, full performance from the series of experiences for action on behalf of client.

Working in this manner, we have maximized data sets, time, performance and leveraged writing skills, audiences/consumers/users delving deeply into the existing knowledge of the client to create engaged action.

Anna Scott's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. ENT: dramaturg/production critique
  2. ENT: grant writing, capacity building
  3. ENT: script writing/performance as actor
  4. IP: ethnographic researcher
  5. IP: intercultural communications throuh non-verbal cues
  6. ENT: performance as a dancer, ethnic
  7. Soc: critical analysis of existing data sets
  8. MAR: guerilla/ peer to peer techniques
  9. MAR: copy writing
  10. Soc: human subjects research protocol compliance
  11. PP: resolving indexical conundrums
  12. PP: master conduit, connecting the dots in the invsibile web
  13. Soc: questionnaire deployment
  14. MAR: inventive street-to-web commons brand deployment
  15. ED: interdisciplinary curriculum design, university-level
  16. ED: institute, think tank experience for developing events/meetings/working groups
  17. ENT: event production
  18. ENT: arts data and organizational positioning
  19. MAR: branding and positioning

Anna Scott's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Problem: Performance company with a technological innovation was not awarded a space at a major international conference on learning and the digital. Same company had not been awarded a grant from the previous year with a similar group of adjudicators. Solution: advised to approach one member of the decision making team to ask for feedback on keywords, examples, and linguistic strategies to improve future applications while firmly seeking clear reason from exclusion to the proceedings. Result: project was offered a spot at the conference and asked to present as a performance which is now generating leads for revenue as the technology and system can be adopted separately from the performance.
  2. Ideation, research, production for cross-platform national media project. The problem was to work-around existing "push" media formats to directly engage and involve younger (30 and under) listeners for a major radio network during live broadcast & viewing of the Obama Inauguration in Oakland, CA. Solution: use simultaneous Tweeting & shortcode polling aggregated through a dedicated blog with rising comedian as co-commentator. Problem: project was too large as national program, and not funded to continue. Solution: transform/rebrand project to, “Community Radio for the 21st Century. Don’t just get seen, get it together.”