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Keith Everett star Proven Solver

Keith Everett R&D hardware and process design for the Biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries is my forte. In these areas, I am a "systems innovator" and have been successful at it in view of the patents I've authored, patent applications in progress, and the systems I've created that are in use. Based on the diversity in my patent portfolio, it is evident that I have experience working within new paradigms and solving unfamiliar and unusual problems. More importantly, I enjoy these kinds of challenges. For example, I created, designed, and developed a one-of-a-kind biopharmaceutical upstream production system that is currently in use.

Generally, I believe that innovation, progress, and unique solutions result from a broad perspective coupled to creative, out-of-the-box problem solving. In my opinion, creativity can successfully be applied in unique ways to existing questions, as well as the difficult to crack older problems; with excellent results. I also believe that your creative ability, designing skills and the quality of the ultimate solution to any problem is only as good as your perspective, problem solving experience, knowledge base, analytical skills, and your ability to manage risks.

I am most interested in those problems that require working in multiple disciplines at once to arrive at successful solutions. I employ (enjoy) CFD and FEA analyses and CAD-based 3-D designing as tools to assist effective problem solving. With a given challenge, I may use a mixture of intuition, experience, research, and conventional/unconventional problem solving techniques. All of these can be coupled to a recursive prototyping campaign that can ensure a reliable, scalable solution.
I am an amateur aeronautical engineer as well as an experienced robot designer/prototyper. My automation experience includes automated liquid handler customization, programming, and method development. I have a number of issued patents that include novel MWPs, LED integrated automated plant-based high throughput screening hotels and stackers. I have been using computer aided design systems for technical illustration and design for nearely 20 years. I have applied CFD and CAD tools to challenges related to artificial and natural means for supporting and optimizing plant growth, including the application of LEDs to plant growth, tissue propogation, and/ or aquaculture.
I enjoy working on problems where the solutions require that I employ a range of materials or disciplines. For example, I have experience designing with structural aluminum elements, mixtures of novel composite materials, traditional steel and machined parts. However, I have experience designing screening systems for recombinant plant systems and other more basic research processes. For example, I have helped develop stable as well as transient plant expressions systems and received awards for these. In contrast, I've also created designs employing pneumatics, hydraulics, other electro-mechanical force elements, DAQ systems, and controllers. My experience includes both automated plant cell culture maintenance systems and rapid throughput recombinant genetic screening systems. I also have designed, developed, and proven the processes and methods for use with automation as well as manufacturing systems.

I would enjoy the chance to become involved in projects that lend themselves to nanotechnology-based solutions. The same goes for LASER systems although I don't have any formal design experience with either if these as yet. However, I have experience with LASERS as tools and participated in a homebrew LASER design project some time ago. So, I would welcome the opportunity to integrate these unique tools into a novel system for use in analysis, detection, or weapons related work.

This is a brief career-bio touching on my more cherished interests and areas of expertise. As is evident by now, I enjoy a broad range of areas in science, technology. If you have an interesting problem important to yourself, your company, the planet, etc., chances are I may be able play a critical role insomething reaching an innovative solution. In any case, I would welcome the opportunity to try. If you are interested in my credentials and feel it is possible that I may be able to assist you in solving your design problems in some way, I encourage you to contact me so we can discuss your needs and explore the potential synergy between us.