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Keith Everett
I can be of help on nearly any type of problem providing it can be defined in terms that aren’t overly full of jargon unfamiliar to me. I have a broad range of education and exposure and solve problems by pulling from multiple disciplines to create unique and advantageous solutions. Design and problem solving are very rewarding to me and I am consistently successful in these areas. However, I am well aware that failure is the path to innovation, usually, and am not timid with regard to taking risks in design work and problem solving.
As well as technology related problems, I am interested in the problems that afflict humanity on a broad scale as well as singlular small problems that are tenaciously unsolvable. Any problem is fair game.

Areas Keith Everett is Knowledgeable in:

Research and development hardware and process design is my forte and I have been successful at it based on the patents I've authored and the systems I've created that are in use. However, I have experience working within new paradigms exhibiting unfamiliar and unusual problems and enjoy these kinds of challenges. I look at designing from the point of view that future designs result from current problems that need solving; and your designing is only as good as your problem solving. I am most interested in those problems that demand working in multiple disciplines, technologies, materials at once in order to solve them.
I employ CFD analyses, FEA analyses, and CAD-based design in addition to more typical problem solving resources. I often use a combination of intuition, experience, research, and conventional problem solving techniques coupled with high or low tech resources as needed such as CAD or the tried and true pencil and napkin.
I am an amateur aeronautical engineer and an experienced robot designer. I have designed quite a few remote controlled aircraft, fixed and rotating wing versions as well as robot sample handling platforms and LED based plant growth fixtures. Regarding the artistry aspect of design/problem solving; I also have classical pen and ink experience, old school silver-based photographic/darkroom experience, scientific illustration experience, and computer illustration/art experience.
I have experience and career interest in artificial and natural means for supporting and optimizing plant growth, including the application of LEDs to plant growth or aquaculture.
I enjoy designing solutions where I employ structural aluminum elements, composite materials, sheetmetal, and stainless or steel elements machined or modified using CNC shop equipment. Pneumatics, hydraulics, and electronic mechanical force elements are all fair game for inclusion in functioning design approaches as well as video capture and optical assemblies. Although I have not designed in the nanotechnology arena, I would enjoy the chance to become involved in projects that address problems solvable by nanotechnology approaches. The same goes for LASER systems and defense related work as well.
I am experienced in automated liquid handler programming, process design, mods for special applications, and support equipment design. I have designed both cell culture maintenance systems and rapid throughput recombinant genetic screening systems around such systems.
I am an amateur electronics designer and have designed and proven a number of circuits while in the process of designing microcontroller based control systems. I am not a formally educated electrical engineer but I have worked with and designed electronic devices for many years, I have designed and continue to design computer controlled robotics.
This is a brief description of some of my more important interests and experience bases. However, this short passage doesn't nearly cover the range of my interests or accomplishments. If you have an interesting problem of some importance to your company or society, pharmaceutical, defense related, or automation of some sort, especially remote controlled or autonomous vehicles, I would enjoy the opportunity to solve the problem for you or be a member of the team gathered to do so. Alternatively, I have a strong interest in societies maladies, philosophy, psychology, and cultural epidemiology. So addressing problems in these areas is also of interest to me. I currently own and direct a consulting firm creating new designs and modifying old ones as well as consulting on process and automation design problems. I have a wide range of interests and experience so nothing is really off the table. If you are interested in the possibility that I may be able to help solve your design problems in some capacity, I encourage you to contact me so we can discuss your project and see if there could be some synergy between us.

Techniques Keith Everett Uses:

Recursive prototyping/testing; Computer simulation and analysis; Teaming; Assumption articulation and analysis, Blocking and Block busting, Morphological analysis coupled with attribute analysis, Brainstorming, Fishbone diagrams, Modeling, Historical examination, experience driven intuition....

Keith Everett's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Hydroponic production system design
  2. Robotics design and prototyping
  3. Pharmaceutical technology transfer
  4. CAD based innovation and design development/virtual testing
  5. Technical writing editing
  6. Solidworks 3D design
  7. Powerpoint presentation design
  8. G-code programming
  9. Robotic miniature aircraft design
  10. microprocessor controlled device design and programming
  11. Machine shop practices
  12. Technical writing
  13. Computational Flow Diagnostics
  14. CNC robot design for fabrication and material machining
  15. Computer Aided Design
  16. Active Solar Power System application
  17. Biopharmaceutical upstream process creation and design
  18. Robotic sample managment system design
  19. Problem solving hardware and process issues pharma reasearch and devleopment
  20. Technical Drawing
  21. Sterile technique
  22. Finite element analysis
  23. Scientific Illustration

Keith Everett's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a method for a one dimensional index unit of over all turbulence in a 2-d plane (cut plot) through the application of CFD and colorometric image analysis. This indicator termed "index of turbulence (IOT)" was critical in my optimization of upstream biopharma production system gas distribution.
  2. Designed and installed an active solar power system for an outbuilding on my property. Currently supplying 3KW of power.
  3. Designed and implemented anti-stall wing modifications to miniature aircraft and achieved remarkable reduction in stall speed and runout distance to takeoff.
  4. I designed and developed and fabricated a proprietary design for a 3 axis CNC router capable of machining and cutting stock in wood, composite, and aluminum.
  5. I developed a disposable, closed, aseptic, scalable, and portable upstream biopharma production system for botanical based production platforms. I designed the novel disposable bag system in cooperation with several custom bag manufacturers and co authored the patent application for this system with one other author. I designed the overall process flow and details, the plant/bag growth support rack or "cassette" system, the lighting array, the cooling system, and the biologic air supply system and all of the disposables used in the process.
  6. Conceived, designed, prototyped, tested and implemented for production in a pharmaceutical GMP system an aluminum lightweight growth rack for disposable hydroponic cultures. Complete with modularity, cooling systems, and LED upgradeability. Each rack is a self contained unit that allows pressurization of culture bags preventing distortion and balooning. This system has been documented, tech transfered, and implemented for Phase I, II, and III clinical product production in a US pharmaceutical company. It is IP protected as well and undergoing final stages of patent application.
  7. I created a number of novel upstream biopharma production options for our lemna (duckweed)-based pharmaceutical platform. One system was a patented clean-in-place; reusable; clear, plastic pipe array I designed working in conjunction with a process innovation team. This pipe and light array allowed for a reusable system that provided for aquaculture growth and monitoring in closed and aseptic conditions. I developed the pipe array design, which includes the lighting and cooling system as well as the biological ventilation system, gas/liquid monitoring components, Data Acquisition system, and the harvest/cleaning apparatus. This pipe system was taken to prototype stage and proven to be a working, vialble system. I am co-author with 3 others on this patent.
  8. I developed and patented a rapid throughput automated screening system for plant based cell, tissue, and small plant growth, maintenance, computer based documentation, and tissue analysis for specific compounds. This effort included designing a complete software managment system for handling, photo-documenting, and harvest of the plant/cell cultures. As well, I produced a unique LED based storage (hotel) and growth system for the plant cultures that employed a patented multi well plate designed by me and coupled to a patented access system for automatically removing spent media and adding new media. This automated plate managment system could access and monitor thousands of individual samples. The system strategically employed multiple medias, and on line mixiing of media components for matrix media formation as needed for screening experiments.
  9. I created, designed, and developed a stand-alone harvester for small/research scale biopharmaceutical /aquaculture production sytems and expermental analysis projects.
  10. Designed and implemented a proprietary (patented) microplate design for maintaining plant tissue (callus) in an automated format. This plate removes the need for repeated transfer of tissue from agar plate to agar plate as nutrients are depleted. This system also provides a constant concentration of nutrients for the plant tissue. As well, transformation operations can be accomplished in this plate with subsequent tissue washing, etc.
  11. I created a disposable filtration system for continuous large scale removal of solid phase particles from a liquid flow through the use of a novel disposable filtration probe. This system worked independently of hold volume in the receiving tank, providing efficient filtration throughout the capture tank range from empty to capacity. The Filtering apparatus could be easily transferred to the next receiving tank to continue capture activities, or a single tank could be continuously cleared for a continous system configuration. The filter element could be used indefinately before replacement and the pore size of the element could be varied to meet different application requirments.