Innovation Consultant

Cheng Hwee Sim

Cheng Hwee Sim
I've helped the public sector in Singapore solve several challenging problems such as the following:
* Optimising the ammunition management system to achieve speedy mobilization for war as well as efficient storage and turnover in peace with minimum impact on land development.
* Designing and deploying the HR planning systems for civil servants to identify achievable and sustainable structures and policies, feasible and desirable career plans and posting and succession plans which balances personal preferences with organisational requirements.
* Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of traffic and anti-terrorism police operations.
* Working out how government libraries and hospitals could operate more effectively and efficiently in terms of readership, waiting times, etc.
I've helped the private sector (both multi-nationals and local) design their supply chains, optimise their manufacturing systems and troubleshoot supply chain problems. Details available on application.