Are innovative people smart? Take a look at the educational achievements of these innovators and you'll agree they are a very impressive bunch! Two or three degrees are not uncommon, so you can see how hard working and diligent these innovative people are when it comes to upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Chinotu Enwere
Chinotu Enwere
Chinwe Amadi
Chinwe Obuaku
Chiradeep Saha
Chirag Jivani
Chirag Mistry
Chirag Mohapatra
Chirag Sanghani
Chirag Shah
Chirantan Das
Chiranth Rajashekar
Chirasmita Mallick
Chitransha Chauhan
Chitta Venkateswararao
Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap
Chivorn Kouch
Chola Elangeswaran
Chong Hin
Chotabhai Mike
Choudhary Rehman
Chowdary R Chappidi
Chowdhury Shahnewaz Akbar
Chris Allen
Chris Andrews
Chris Applegarth
Chris Beer
Chris Bird
Chris Bradford
Chris Brand
Chris Brown
Chris Cassidy
Chris Davidson
Chris DeArmitt
Chris Ellerby
Chris Evans
Chris French
Chris Garivaldinos
Chris Goldman
Chris Grotton
Chris Hamilton
Chris Harrison
Chris Harvey
Chris Holt
Chris Huffman
Chris Jenkins
Chris Kelvin
Chris Kuefler
Chris kwan
Chris Luke
Chris Luo
Chris Mayo
Chris McGinnis
Chris McKinnon
Chris Mounce
Chris Ndungu
Chris Nkwocha
Chris O'Neill
Chris Piponides
Chris Roberts
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson
Chris Rono
Chris Sendlak
Chris Stone
Chris Surawy
Chris Surawy
Chris Tapping
Chris Taylor
Chris Thompson
Chris Upton
Chris Villarreal
Chris Voulgaris
Chris Waite
Chris Whiteley
Chrispine Otieno
Christen Boyer, PhD
Christiaan Crouse
Christiaan Tredoux
Christian Castro
Christian Dohms
Christian Eaves
Christian Fredes
Christian Gormaz
Christian Hermanas
Christian Lucas
Christian Marzari
Christian Mihai
Christian Nwani
Christian Onuigbo
Christian Pålerud
Christian Perzanowski
Christian Saint-Pierre
Christian Sanchez
Christian Schumacher
Christian Stian
Christian Edgardo Manique
Christina Chinowth
Christina Chinowth
Christina Jensen

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