Bottom hinged plate wave energy converter with floats to increase rotational stiffness

A wave energy converter of the bottom-hinged plate type has at least one buoyancy body 101 rigidly connected fore or aft of the collector plate 103. This increases the effective stiffness of the plate by increased rotational restoring torque (201 figure 2) and decreases rotational inertia as the float displaces some of the undisturbed water (301, figure 3) around the collector plate 103 that would increase the effective mass of the plate 103. This allows larger devices to be built with desirable resonance properties. The float(s) are positioned at or near the undisturbed water surface 109 and may be held by connectors 107, which may be adjustable to control the dynamic characteristics of the device and optimise power extraction.

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GB 2,461,090


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