Causal Therapy of Diseases Or Conditions Associated with CNS Or PNS Demyelination

The invention broadly relates to the use of the Active in the causal treatment of a disease caused by axonal demyelination, in which the Active maintains the integrity of myelination (for example by promoting remyelination, and/or preventing demyelination, of the axonal sheaths). The invention is particularly directed to the causal treatment of CNS demyelination diseases, for example MS, especially primary progressive MS and/or relapse remitting MS, and PNS demyelination diseases, for example Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. The Active of the invention may be suitably administered when a patient is in relapse (i.e. upon relapse), and be continued while the patient is in relapse, with a view to attenuating the severity of the relapse, and/or accelerating disease remission. Alternatively, the Active may be administered continuously with a view to prolonging the remission period, and/or attenuating the severity of the relapse, and/or preventing relapse. The invention also relates to the use of the Active as a treatment for symptoms of demyelination disease, especially MS, selected from vision deficits, motor control deficits, and sensation deficits.

WO 2,011,048,208   [MORE INFO]


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