Method for determining the doping profile of a partially activated doped semiconductor region

A method is disclosed for determining the inactive doping concentration of a semiconductor region using a PMOR method, the method comprising: providing a set of at least two semiconductor regions having substantially the same known as-implanted concentration but known varying junction depth, determining on at least of these semiconductor regions the as-implanted concentration, partially activate at least two semiconductor regions from the semiconductor set, measure by PMOR on the partially activated semiconductor regions the signed amplitude of the reflected probe signal as function of junction depth and for at least two laser separation values, measure by PMOR on the partially activated semiconductor regions the DC probe reflectivity as function of junction depth, extracting from these measurements the active doping concentration thereby assuming crystal mobility and, calculating the inactive doping concentration using the determined total as-implanted concentration and active doping concentration. The method may further comprise the step of extracting thermal diffusivity, refraction index, absorption coefficient, and/or SRHF lifetime from these measurements.

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