Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Disclosed is ground fault circuit interrupter comprising a summation current transformer (RK, W, SC) for lines (L1, N) that are to be monitored and are led across the contacts of a first multipole switch (S1) which is retained by a breaker mechanism (SC) in the closed position thereof. The breaker mechanism (SC) trips the switch by opening the contacts thereof when a predefined current difference is exceeded in the lines. The ground fault circuit interrupter further comprises a second switch (S2) that is designed as a test pushbutton. When said second switch (S2) is closed, a defined fault current that is sufficient to trip the switch is tapped from a conductor. The disclosed ground fault circuit interrupter also comprises bypass branches (Z1, ZN) for temporarily bypassing the contact paths of the first multipole switch (S1). The bypass branches (Z1, ZN) each contain a winding of a balancing transformer (SW; SW1, SW2), or the switching contacts of a third multipole switch (S3) are arranged between the summation current transformer (RK, W, SC) and the line contacts of the first multipole switch (S1), and a locking mechanism (VG) is provided which prevents the third multipole switch (S3) from being actuated when the first switch (S1) is tripped.

WO 2,009,043,075


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