Method and Device for Gravity Like Simulation of Natural Balance Movements

We present a tool that can enhance the concept of BWS training by allowing natural APAs to occur mediolaterally. While in a supine position in a 90 degree tilted environment built around a modified hospital bed, subjects wear a backpack frame that is freely moving on air-bearings, as a puck on an air hockey table, and attached through a cable to a pneumatic cylinder that provides a load that can be set to emulate various G-like loads. Veridical visual input is provided through two 3-D automultiscopic displays that allow glasses free 3-D vision representing a virtual surrounding environment that may be acquired from sites chosen by the patient. Two groups of 12 healthy subjects were exposed to either strength training alone or a combination of strength and balance training in such a tilted environment over a period of four weeks.

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WO 2,009,017,747

Inventor(s): ODDSSON LARS I E [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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