Blends of Amorphous and Semicrystalline Polymers Having Shape Memory Properties

Blends of amorphous and semicrystalline polymers having shape memory properties were prepared by blending a crystalline polymer such as poly(vinylidene fluoride), polylactide, poly(hydroxxybutyrate), poly(ethylene glycol) polyethylene, polyethylene-co-vinyl acetate, poly(vinyl chloride), poly(vinylidene chloride) and copolymers of poly(vinylidene chloride) and poly(vinyle chloride) and an amorphous polymer such as poly(vinyl acetate), poly methyl acrylate, poly ethyl acrylate, atactic poly methyl methacrylate, isotactic poly methyl methacrylate, syndiotactic poly methyl methacrylate and other poly alkyl methacrylates. The method for preparing the polymeric materials and applications thereof, for example, as smart medical devices, are also disclosed.

AT 498,648


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