Multiple Excitation Capacitance Polling for Enhanced Electronic Capacitance Tomography

Disclosed herein is a novel sensing technique, termed Multiple Excitation Capacitance Polling (MECaP), that improves the efficiency of Electrical Capacitance Tomography (ECT). Unlike traditional alternating current techniques, where excitation signal is applied to an electrode one at a time, MECaP involves simultaneously applying multiple excitation signals, in a progressively increasing fashion, to multiple electrodes on an ECT sensor. The received signals are filtered or otherwise decomposed (e.g., Fourier transformed) into different components, and the individual components are used to generate an image of the article or substance disposed between the electrodes. Because multiple capacitances can be simultaneously measured as a consequence, scanning with MECaP can significantly increase the image scanning speed. For example, scanning with MECaP may enable frames rates of tens of kHz for imaging dynamic processes such as engine combustion.

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WO 2,011,002,793


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