System and Method for Smoothly Inverting One Or More Faces of a Cubical Device

A system and method for inverting a cubical device 100 that inverts one or more faces of the cubical device 100 in a single fluid motion. In an embodiment, the cube faces are split in two face piece assemblies 210, in an alternative embodiment faces have only one invertible section 802, 702. The face piece assemblies 210 are initially held by cubical device 100 with a particular side facing inward. Operating the cubical device 100 causes one or more face piece assemblies 210, 803 to expand out from the center point of the cubical device 100, to rotate, and then collapse inward until cubical device 100 is reformed with the particular side of the faces in an outward- facing orientation. The joints, links and gears in the mechanism restrict the degrees of freedom to one such that the entire inversion movement is coupled. Multiple applications are proposed for the device, and embodiments having actuators for driving the inversion are disclosed.

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WO 2,010,096,118


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