Soybean Oil Based Oxygen Carrying Emulsion for Massive Blood Loss

VivaSure is a new treatment for shock from massive blood loss. It is based on soybean oil and is therefore biodegradable. It refills lost vascular volume, protects from free radicals, absorbs toxins and provides nutrition to cells. Also it can deliver oxygen, nitric oxide or other gases to tissues. Efficacy has been demonstrated in mouse and rat models of severe hemorrhagic shock. In these tests VivaSure was superior to Ringer's Lactate and equal to blood. The market is 25 Billion dollars/year. The International Searching Authority has deemed the technology to be "novel", "inventive", and to have "industrial applicability". Two utility patents and five provisional patents have been filed. Numerous spins off products applicable to other diseases will be derived from this technology and will lead to numerous repeat cycles of profitable exits.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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