Composite Bone Grafts, Particulate Bone-calcium Sulfate Constructs, and Methods of Treating Joint Injuries

A solid implantable bone construct (12) shaped like a cylinder, a cone, or a frustum, for anchoring ligament implants. The bone construct (12) can include a bone component and a biocompatible solid component. The bone component can include particulate bone of between 75 and 600 microns, powdered bone of 75 microns or smaller in size, or both. The biocompatible solid component can include calcium sulfate hemihydrate, a calcium phosphate product, or both. The bone component can be between 5 and 50 wt-% of the construct (12) and the biocompatible solid component can be at least 50 wt-% of the construct (12). Also disclosed is a composite graft (10) comprising a first bone dowel (12) and a ligament (20) and a method of securing one bone to another using the composite graft (10).

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WO 2,010,017,288


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