Surface-modified structures, useful e.g. in optical or catalytic applications, comprise substrate, e.g. of glass, silicate primary coating and secondary coating, e.g. of metal

A novel surface-modified structure (I) comprises (a) a substrate, (b) a silicate primary coating and (c) a secondary coating and/or particles containing element(s) other than silica and oxygen. The chemical composition of (b) differs from that of (a) and (c). Either (b) is located between (a) and (c); or (b) and (c) together form a gradient coating, having the compositions of (b) and (c) on the sides facing towards and away from (a) respectively. Independent claims are included for: (1) a surface-modified structure (II) comprising (a) a substrate and (b) a silicate primary coating, where the chemical composition of (b) differs from that of (a); and (2) the production of (I), by simultaneously applying the coatings (b) and (c) to the substrate (a).

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DE 102,007,049,930

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