Method and Apparatus for Applying "Quasi-Monte Carlo" Methods to Complex Electronic Devices Circuits and Systems

The invention discloses a "Quasi-Monte Carlo" method originally intended for computational finance applications and applies said method to statistical circuit analysis. In doing so, it provides a means to efficiently and effectively detect and/or predict relatively rare failures or events to a wide range of industrial circuits and systems. The approach to the invention involves the representation of circuit metrics as a large multi-dimensional integral. This invention estimates such statistical circuit metric integrals by sampling the statistical variable space using a so-called "low-discrepancy sequence." This is similar to the Monte Carlo method, the main difference being the method of sampling the variable space. Compared with standard Monte Carlo simulation, this technique, "Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods," gives similarly reliable estimates of the result, but requiring many fewer samples of the circuit or system being evaluated. In practice, speedups of 2x to 50x across a range of practical examples are observed.

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