Percutaneous Stent-Graft and Method for Delivery

Over 130,000 patients undergo chronic hemodialysis in the United States each year. The procedure requires access to the patient’s vascular system, but such access may eventually fail due to the formation of scar tissue inside the vessel or due to vessel occlusion. Failure of hemodialysis access contributes to morbidity, hospitalization time and increased cost of treatment. Our novel percutaneous stent-graft and method for delivery restores blood flow between vessels. This stent-graft addresses an industry need for percutaneous interventional techniques, and allows a patient to avoid surgical revision. This device and our novel methods for delivery provide extravascular revision and the potential creation of arteriovenous shunts necessary for dialysis.

This novel device and associated methods of delivery can be utilized at a variety of sites, such as femoropoplitial, femorals, iliacs, femoral-femoral, brachial-axillary, and forearm-loops. The device can be used in arterial-arterial, venous-venous, arterio-venous and graft to vessel applications.

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US 5,755,775

Inventor(s): Scott O. Trerotola, M.D.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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