Device for Determining Vertebral Distances of the Spinal Column of a Patient

The invention relates to devices for determining vertebral distances of the spinal column of a patient. The devices are characterized in particular in that vertebral distances of the patient while walking in a building or outdoors can be easily detected. For this purpose, at least two marks are applied to the skin of the patient at the height of the transverse processes while the patient is at rest, each mark being at least two lined representations arranged at a distance from each other. Furthermore, at least one or two digital cameras for recording either at least one area of the two marks of transverse processes or at least one area of one mark are arranged on a support frame at a distance from the marks so that images of marks in the rest position and during the walking motion of the patient are recorded and stored. A device for detecting the path traveled by the patient is a further component of the device. The device further comprises a data processing system.

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WO 2,011,032,541


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