Human Mast Cell Line and Uses Thereof

The subject invention pertains to the development of a novel human mast cell line, USF-MC1. USF-MC1 is a mast cell precursor present in human umbilical cord blood (HUCB) that may be sustained in culture in the absence of exogenous cytokines to serve as a convenient experimental model of human mast cell activation. The SCF-independent human mast cell line USF-MC1 responds to IgE-mediated and IgE -independent stimuli in a way comparable to that of LAD2. USF-MC1 cells are useful for investigation of IgE-mediated activation mechanisms of human mast cells, contributing to the development of effective treatments for allergic disorders and other disorders. The subject invention provides a ready source of human mast cells for research, including pharmacological studies for the screening of various agents, and toxicologic studies, e.g., for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.; The mast cells that can also be used as biofactories, for the large-scale production of biomolecules, either naturally or recombinantly.

WO 9,096,829 issued 2015-08-04   [MORE INFO]


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