Special Bed for prevention of Bedsores

It is a BED for the totally INVALID person prone to BED SORES. The paraphrased abstract reads as follows:

A specialized bed will prevent bedsores, heal existing bedsores, with no repositioning of person required. The bed is provided with a series of BANDS that can be made to be TAUT and horizontal, or relaxed to be LIMP and shaped like a downward arc. The person is supported on the bands that are taut.

Alternate bands are taut and the others are limp. After a brief period, the the bands alternate their state. This way the entire contact area of the person with the bed is is cyclically relieved of contact.

The design of the bed is simple and the inventor has practical design drawings for prototypes. Bands are grouped into units and each unit is pulled to be taut or released by an external linear power such as a cylinder.

The bands may be lined at top with padded / sanitary / replaceable liner bands. The bed can be designed modular with separate sections for head, torso, legs. Based on the height of the person, various sections can be combined at site and bolted into a unit.
It can be designed for use at hospital, health center, senior care, or home.

US 7,905,846 issued 2011-03-15   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$1,500,000

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