The AC Power Solid State Generator (Self Recharging 100%)

“The AC Power Solid State Generator” (self-recharging) - upgraded
“The Ac power solid state generator” can provide clean (non toxic) electricity in the terra watt range (billions of watts of electricity) and recharge it self while providing such massive power to homes, offices, and industrial plants, which is why it is worth trillions of dollars. The patent is being sold for only $2 billion dollars. License agreement and joint venture partnerships are also optional at this time.

Make no mistake about it the patent is worth its weight in gold. There is a lot of electricity producing generators on the market or have new patents, or are in use that do not use gas, or have toxic emission but they do not recharge independently. And even those that can recharge while operating, do not recharge 100%. They need help to maintain, and are actually hybrid-generators using old style generators (coal, gas, and such) to help them do the job of delivering clean energy, which means the energy is not 100% clean (because gas and coal generators pollute).

If you invest a $1’000’000 in any generator that is not the-solid-state-generator, it will be hybrid-generator functioning (just ask the other generator dealers one question: Can the generator provide 100% power for the customer while recharging without depending on carbon emission generators [old-style generators that pollute], if they say no then it is a hybrid).
Investing millions of dollars in a hybrid generator, you will loose your shirt. Because the solid state generator can provide clean energy (do not pollute), is independent of old style generators, and recharge 100% while in operation. So if some one is producing the solid-state-generator, they will corner the market on you.

Why would people purchase a generator that is going to cost them money to use? For the same reason why generators on the store shelf are not used in homes and businesses on a regular basis, that’s too much, people would rather buy from an electric company because it saves them time and effort, and money in gas. But the solid-state-generator do not need the customer to attend to it, and can provide everything a home or business needs (can powers electric appliances/heaters/stoves/hot water tanks/lights/appliances) much cheaper (quiet as it is kept, with the exception of the service lock-key, the customer bill is $0. The lock-key is the money that you receive from each customer monthly).
There is some 300 million people in the USA alone.

That is 300 million homes that need electricity daily. If we work this out so that each home owner bill is $30 a month, the generator will make so much money it is not funny. $30 a month per home times 300 million homes is $3’000 million dollars a month maintenance free. Look at that number three-thousand-million dollars a month. That is 3 billion dollars a month! In 1 year, that is $36 billion dollars! The investor (you) do not even have to buy anything to stay in business and make this $36 billion per year. That is the projection of your investment without even including the billions of billing-dollars (the customer will pay) per month that stand to be made supplying businesses with solid-state-generators. Now you see why the solid-state-generator is worth trillions of dollars.

Once adapted to the energy grid, for $2 billion dollars it will pay for it self in one month! $2 billion dollars for this generator patent is a given. Especially when the money it will make overseas has not even counted yet, we did not include such billions of dollar in this projection, but think about it.
Energy companies who invest in this patent, to say, convert to providing customers electricity using the-solid-state-generators, will be on the top of the energy chain. Making more money than they ever made. They will not have coal mining and coal processing overhead cost. The electric company will be more solvent than before because the monthly billing profit margin will be much greater.

Any investor who invest say $5’000 will make $5’000, or invest $1’000’000 and make some $10’000. From rags to riches millions to billions, or billions to trillions, or billions to zillions! This is sun-shine in the middle of a repression. You can make what you want regardless of the condition of the economy right now. Come 1, come all, lets talk about the cash money ball! A picture of the generator is at the bottom of this page. Take a look at the small home-based prototype that we built by hand, it runs so cool and quiet that we were able to build it using wood and plastic. In the picture, it is powering a home lamp 120 Volts AC while recharging it self 100%. The generator is on the right-hand-side and the battery compartment is on the left.

Just turn it on and it works. Leave a message, or E-mail us and let’s talk about making Money – money - money - money.

Main Features:
•Provide clean non-toxic energy to the environment
•Recharge it self internally 100% while it delivers the
electricity to the customer
•Has no competition
•Can be built as home or business-based-portable or
electric plant style (for energy companies)

If you are an interested investor, you can send us an email, send it to

[email protected]

Attached files:

US 12,074,880 issued 2010-01-17

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$2,000,000,000

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