“Deep” needle holder

Introduction: A number of open urological procedures demand deep and narrow surgical fields. This fact in correlation with special circumstances (like hemorrhage) makes many times the manipulation of a curved needle with a conventional needle holder very difficult, even for an experienced surgeon.
This invention is designed in purpose to increase the flexibility and safety in grasping and suturing with a curved needle in difficult circumstances, where the conventional needle holders are insufficient.

Method: The “deep” needle holder is a scissors type needle holder having releasable locking capability. It has also an innovator jaw for grasping the needle by two different ways. This jaw consists of three special designed angled parts

Result: The special distal jaw section of the instrument permits the surgeon to grasp the needle both vertical to the axis of the instrument (like on the conventional needle holders) and parallel too. This ability to hold the needle parallel to the axis is the innovation of the invention and allows the grasping of the needle from tangent deep surfaces. Suturing in deep fields using the “deep” needle holder is more easy, quick and safe than by using conventional instruments.
Conclusion: The “deep” needle holder is a new instrument designed for surgeries which require deep fields, we believe that this invention will not replace the conventional needle holders but it will be an essential assistant instrument for every surgeon who demands safety and speed on his difficult procedures.
International class (INT.CL8) : A61B 17/062 (unique worldwide)

GR 20,100,100,107 issued 2011-05-20

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$7,000

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