Instant Action Adjustable Wrench/Quick Adjusting Wrench/Quick Adjustable Spanner

This revolutionary tool is very unique, it is an ideal substitute to existing variety of adjustable wrenches with fast adjusting function having the capability to replace completely the traditional adjustable wrench in coming years, it has no difference comparing traditional adjustable wrench at first glance, meets the traditional consuming concept of an adjustable wrench - solid and more reliable, so this product will be well accepted quickly by markets as we believe.

I.P. Status: patented in China in 2012, PCT was applied in July 2012, worldwide (TAIWAN,US,EC,JAPAN,INDIA etc.) patent pending.

Operation methods and features:

a. Dragging down the saw-toothed worm wheel to move the movable jaw freely in the slot;
b. Pushing the back of movable jaw to move it onto workpiece and fine tunning the saw-toothed worm-wheel for firm contact;
c. Only 2 procedures more than traditional adjustable wrench in manufacturing;
d. The extra procedures as above mentioned can be accomplished by common equipment easily;
e. Very low cost in manufacturing, providing the potential ability to replace existing traditional adjustable wrench at a similar selling price;
f. Meet or exceed torque request of ASME/DIN/JIS Specifications.

The demo video at this link is real and more illustrated for pre-evaluation:

Adjustable wrench is king of hand tools, which has vast demands in market, the largest manufacturer of adjustable wrench in the world manufactures hundred thousands pieces per day! So can market this breakthrough by 2 ways according to your manufacturing capability:
a. keeping a higher selling price above traditional ones to maintenance a stable sales and high profits;

b. making a little bit higher selling price or just the same pricing level comparing traditional ones to occupy instantly the who markets.

***The patent given below was authorized as a Utility in China, now it has return from PCT searching as a Invention in China and other important nations with more improvements included, there's no way for any third part who want to "improving" or copying in future, it's the perfect and maximum one.

Asking price:
a. for licensing: US$150,000.00~500,000.00/year;
b. for buyout: US$2,500,000.00 after tax.

Attached files:

CN 2,011,202,826,164 issued 2012-05-28

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$150,000

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