UV dosimetry system

This portfolio consists of ten utility patents in two families, which claim priority back to two US Provisional Applications filed in 2013.

This portfolio discloses technology for wearable UV exposure dosimetry systems that accurately measure the UV irradiance intensity. The personal UV dosimetry system comprises a wearable unit and a mobile computing device. The wearable unit is a stand-alone, miniature device with aesthetic design and may be waterproof. The wearable unit comprises a circuitry for measuring the irradiating UV intensity. Moreover, the wearable unit may be worn as a button, necklace, wrist band, hat accessory or any other item that may be worn.

The wearable unit is capable of wirelessly and bi-directionally communicating with a mobile computing device such as a smart phone or tablet. The UV measurement data collected by the wearable unit and analyzed by the mobile computing device includes not only UV index (UVI), but also UV dose actually received by the subject and vitamin D production within a time period, taking into account of various factors such as skin type, sunscreen usage, sensor location, etc. In addition, the mobile computing device can simultaneously track multiple users and/or multiple wearable units.

Additionally, the Portfolio discloses a method for crowd sourcing UVI data. UVI at various geographical locations is measured and updated in real-time by a large number of UV measurement devices, or UV meters, by means of a crowd sourcing method. People who are using UV meters are encouraged to provide the real-time UVI data along with location and time through the wireless network to a remote server. A remote server maintains a database that aggregates the data transmitted from the UV measurement devices. Filters may be applied to disqualify invalid UVI measurements that may have been inadvertently sent by the users.

Through crowd sourcing, the UVI data is updated in the remote server database in real-time, and the UVI map can be updated periodically according to a predefined frequency. As more users contribute to the database, the reliability and accuracy of the data increases.

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US 9,086,323 issued 2015-07-21   [MORE INFO]
US 9,470,577 issued 2016-10-18   [MORE INFO]

Inventor(s): Jie Lian

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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