Fluid Delivery Micropump

Infu-Disk™ , developed and manufactured by Med-e-Cell, is a commercially available fluid administration pump currently used in a variety of applications particularly veterinary medicine, toxicology/pharmacokinetic studies, and preclinical research, with the exception of human use.

Infu-Disk™ fluid delivery pumps are a unique group of accurate, single use pumps, operating at any flow rate between 0.03 and 4.0 mL/hour. The flow rate is factory set. Infu-Disk™ is a totally autonomous, disposable, battery operated delivery system which does not require additional components. Fluid is delivered continuously and at a constant rate. Operation is extremely simple, no adjustment or programming is required. Just fill the fluid reservoir and press the start button.

Application Examples:
Veterinary Medicine-equine ophthalmology, acute and chronic pain management, administration of local anesthetic, wound treatment, joint infusion therapy, and topical delivery of medications.

Contract Research Organizations-A less stressful fluid delivery device for small and large laboratory animals. Infu-Disk™ is a light-weight, ambulatory pump worn externally by laboratory animals. The tetherless, continuous infusion in small and large laboratory animals in a simple practical manner is considerably less stressful to the animal. Reduction in stress has a direct impact on the quality of in vivo data and in minimizing the number of animals used for a research program.

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US 4,902,278 issued 1990-02-20   [MORE INFO]
US 6,010,317 issued 2000-01-04   [MORE INFO]

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