Wave energy device with lazy tongs

It is a wave energy converter, using a float system to convert the up and down motion of waves into a unidirectional rotary motion to turn a generator or other output devices.

It has been tested with collaboration with Newcastle University, under a post graduate MSc course project, with scientific laboratory wave tank testing and numerical analysis.
It has been found, among other things, that my WEC has an efficiency rating of 44 percent, compared to wind generators with efficiency rating of 25 percent and solar panels with efficiency rating of 20 percent.
Pelamis, the multi-millions dollars first world commercial project has a claimed (not tested) efficiency rating of 50 percent.

Attached files:
TWCECD - Concept Testing prototype 1.JPG
V Lai MSc dissertation.pdf

GB 2,448,781 issued 2010-06-30   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$100,000

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