Door and sheet material transporter

An apparatus to aid in the moving and transportation of heavy doors or large sheet-type materials comprises a pair of joined “L”-shaped brackets mounted upon a folding hinge. The hinge allows the weight of the carried material to fold the apparatus inwardly thus securely gripping the loaded items within. Each “L”-shaped bracket comprises a front plate which secures the load in a lower corner area while allowing the user to lift and support the other bottom corner. The apparatus is supported via two (2) wheel assemblies each supported by separate axles. To use the apparatus, a door is placed with its forward corner in the apparatus. The rear portion of the door is then lifted and balanced by the user while being pushed where the door is needed. The low profile design of the apparatus allows the load to be transported through narrow hallways or doorways.

US 8,162,329 issued 2012-12-04   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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