System and Method for Increasing the Efficiency of a Solar Heating System

A modified evacuated tube solar collector is used to improve the performance of refrigerant based heat pumps. During cooler weather, when the heat pump does not draw sufficient heat from the air to heat effectively, the solar collector provides additional heat to the refrigerant boosting the heat pumps performance and negating the need for using electric or gas heat. The solar collector also helps eliminate "cold blow", which is cool air that is produced for the first several minutes the heat pump becomes operational. This also enables the room to heat quicker, providing a shorter cycle for the heat pump. The solar collector will produce refrigerant temperatures averaging 200 degrees F, no matter what the outdoor temperature. The patented solar collector uses an active and inactive set of copper tubes in each evacuated glass tube. The inactive set is recharged inside the evacuated tube while refrigerant gets heated inside the active tube. This method also works for pool heat pumps and can improve the performance of desuperheaters used to produce hot water from a heat pump or air conditioning system

US 8,640,474 issued 2014-02-04   [MORE INFO]

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