Methods for resection of a luminal structure

Provided is a method of resecting a luminal structure, such as a colon. A first luminal structure and a second luminal structure are defined by severing the original luminal structure. The second luminal structure is secured to the distal end of an elongate body disposed within the second luminal structure. Refraction of the elongate body forms a circumferential fold in the second luminal structure and isolates a tissue mass between the circumferential fold and the distal end of the elongate body. The second luminal structure is then transected circumferentially at or adjacent the circumferential fold, thus severing the tissue mass. The tissue mass is then removed by retracting the distal end of the elongate body. The free end of the second luminal structure is approximated with the free end of the first luminal structure and secured by conventional surgical methods. Instrumentation for use with the inventive method is also provided.

US 8,623,035 issued 2014-01-07   [MORE INFO]

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