Multifunctional Construction Molding with Integrated Electrical Interconnect and Outlet

"This patent describes an electrical distribution system that includes a power track integrated within structure, trim, or architectural elements. This electrical distribution system also includes electrical adapters or interface plug-to-receptacle device that allows a conventional electrical plug to be plugged into the narrow opening of the power track. This technology provides advantages over conventional electrical wall outlets, including improved aesthetics and an increase in the points-of-access to power.

This technology, which is known by the trademarked eBoard™, comes in various forms including power tracks integrated within decorative trim similar to chair rails, floor boards, window frames, etc. Other forms of eBoard™ include the power track integrated within load-bearing structural elements including ceiling joists, wall panels, seating structures, vehicle structures, etc."

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US 73,744,441 issued 2008-05-20   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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