Endoscope System with Disposable Sheath

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We already have the product manufactured. Now we are seeking partners to license our product.

Current conventional digestive endoscopy carries risk of deadly cross infections, and the reprocessing procedure is time consuming. To solve the problem, we developed an anti-infection digestive endoscopy device which comes with flexible endoscopes (gastroscope and colonoscope) and disposable sheath system so that all contaminated parts during endoscopy could be discarded after each patient use.

Product overview
Anti-infection digestive endoscope system contains both endoscope and disposable sheath system. Endoscopes are structure modified, basing on conventional flexible digestive endoscopes. Disposable sheath system includes sheath cover and sheath cuff which incorporates all working channels for suction, irrigation, and tool passage.Full working range of examination and treatments remained, as well as the endoscopy operation. With training, assembling and removing of the sheath system take less than 10 minutes.
High level disinfection is no longer required. The complete segregation allows maximum usage of endoscope controls without contamination, resulting in a safe, sterile insertion for each patient and much shortened turnaround time for the practice.
We exhibited our endoscopy device in DDW 2015 and APIC 2015, our anti-infection digestive endoscope attracted attention from GI specialists, and endoscope distributors.

US 200,939,121 issued 2004-08-29   [MORE INFO]
US 20,060,634,971 issued 2006-06-22   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$10,000,000

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