Operating Fuse Deflector

Overhead high voltage electrical distribution lines in the United States use fuses to protect the integrity of the delivery system from electrical current surges and overloads. These fuses typically are in 100 amp or 200 amp models. When the fuse is triggered, the bottom portion of the fuse barrel explodes and the fuse link is destroyed. This explosion causes a large spark as well as other fuse debris to be discharged downwardly from the bottom portion of the fuse barrel. Once the fuse is blown, the fuse barrel hangs in a downward fashion from the overhead line and visual inspection can verify the blown fuse.

A common safety problem occurs with fuses when the fuse is triggered while an electrical worker (typically referred to as a "linesman") is in close proximity to the fuse. The linesman can be seriously injured by the sparks and debris that shoot out of the bottom of the fuse barrel. The present invention is directed to providing a fuse deflector or shield that will deflect away from the lineman, the sparks and debris typically released from the bottom of the fuse barrel when there is an electrical surge and/or overload to high voltage overhead electrical lines. The CM Fuse Deflector is a device created to assist electrical linemen in installing fuses in a safe manner. The innovative product also easily clips on to a workers pole mounted hook for faster re-connections, especially in windy and inclement weather. Shields or deflectors are supported on fuse barrels and positioned to protect power linemen and other electrical workers on high voltage distribution lines against injuries resulting from the ejection of sparks and fuse debris that occurs when a fuse melts or operates due to excessively high electrical currents, by securing the deflectors on the fuse barrels in a position immediately below the fuse barrels where the deflectors can effectively direct the dangerous materials away from the workers.

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US 8,858,253 issued 2014-10-14   [MORE INFO]

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