Kilowatt Killer

Kilowatt Killer (KK) is a renewable energy method that will convert an ordinary household fan into a smart fan.  It activates a household fan placed in front of an open window to move favorable outside air temperature helping to cool or heat the interior of your home, saving energy and adding comfort.  It compares outside air temperature to inside air temperature and whenever outside air temperature is favorable, a fan is activated to help cool or heat the indoor space in the same fashion as a natural breeze. This method of using outside air to increase interior comfort has existed since the earliest human civilization.  Unlike an actual breeze which may be infrequent or unavailable, Kilowatt Killer has a 24/7 utilization that is similar to using the natural breeze whenever it’s favorable.

In the modern world, the practice of using mechanical ventilation in the home is widely adopted for adding comfort and saving energy.  The most common method utilizing the outside air temperature is a Whole House Fan, which is a type of fan or exhaust system that pulls air into the home via open windows and exhausts it through the attic ventilation.  Kilowatt Killer is similar to a Whole House Fan in that it takes favorable outside air to the interior and vents out unfavorable air temperature.  According to the United States Department of Energy, using a Whole House Fan can substitute for using an air conditioner most of the year in most climates, and KK provides the same benefit more effectively. 

KK at its core is a patented algorithm: currently the most efficient and convenient method for harvesting favorable outside temperature.  This patented algorithm, can be integrated into any home automation system, including connected smart thermostat, and is offered for home automation at no start-up cost.  KK’s algorithm engages at the very moment that favorable air is available.  For users that are not connected via a smart system, KK’s 4-inch x 4-inch hardware, can easily be shipped and installed by any non-skilled user.  Our hardware works with any thermostat, fan or HVAC system. 

Kilowatt Killer utilizes favorable air, while employing the most cost-effective and convenient method in reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.  If implemented nationally in residences, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 30 million metric tons, which is equal to the removal of 7 million cars annually.  Compared to the same cost of other available renewable energy methods, KK is 5x more effective in reducing CO2 emission.  Additionally, the methods being used for renewable energy (such as photovoltic solar panels, whole house fans, windmills, solar collectors, and micro hydroelectric systems) have year paybacks of 5 years or more.  KK’s year payback is only 1 year or less, and if implemented commercially and residentially, the savings to the nation would exceed 10 billion dollars.

US 9,625,170 issued 2017-04-18   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$1,000,000,000

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