From Seed to Better Seed

A rapid method of bioenergy screening plants, seeds and cultivars for favorable genetic characteristics such as drought resistance, heat and cold tolerance is provided which comprises the nondestructive Lab measurement of heat generation index of the plant seed samples in a bioenergy-chamber under a given set of environ conditions.
And the measured heat energy production thus to assess the plant samples's potential reaction in the wild plant field to those same conditions for maturity harvest time, and maximal yield.

This rapid method of the present invention represents a quick, nondestructive way of predicting potential biological and economical yield under a variety of environ field conditions, and can be conducted in a simple and inexpenssive manner in real time as to partifularly benefit those in the fields of seed industry, agri-biotech, plant genetics expression on-spot screening for new cultivars / varieties, and crop management without field planting to save time and capital layout, and human resouces.

US 5,073,503 issued 1991-12-17   [MORE INFO]

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