A System of Transmission of Wireless Energy

This invention relates to the transmission of electromagnetic energy in the form of currents through space and matter at controlled frequency, amplitude, and characteristic impedance to facilitate the transmission of power and information over medium-range distances for generalized use of powering robotic, cybernetic, and consumer devices tuned to acquire the transmission via singular and multiple receivers at singular or multiple resonant frequencies. A resonant array for the transmission of multiple frequency wireless energy in multiple configurations at a useful distance for grid-coordinate power and information delivery on small aperture and mobile scales where alternatives such as battery, solar, infrared, microwave, or other power-independent means are inappropriate or inaccessible. Although this invention can be widely applied to wireless transmission in general, its main application is expected to be multiple resonance-frequency power and communication between a single source transmitter and multiple receivers which could be robotic colonies, cybernetic implants, or collections of consumer devices in the given range allowable by the ratio of transmission frequency to length of region as determined by the quarter-wavelength of the particular transmission.

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US 8,274,178 issued 2012-09-25   [MORE INFO]

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