4-fluoro-4-arylpiperdin-1-yl Derivatives as Mu Opioid Function Moderators

The compounds of the invention are useful as analgesics, anti-pruritics, anti-diarrheal agents, anticonvulsants, antitussives, anorexics and as treatments for hyperalgesia, drug
addiction, respiratory depression, dyskinesia, pain (including neuropathic pain), irritable bowel syndrome and gastrointestinal motility disorders.

Drug addiction, as used herein, includes fentanyl, heroin, cocaine, nicotine, amphetamine and alcohol addiction. There is evidence in the literature that the compounds may also be useful immunosuppressants and anti-inflammatories and for reducing ischemic damage (and cardioprotection), for improving learning and memory, and for treating urinary incontinence.

Further, a recent article Suggests that there is a link between opioids and cancer progression and intimates that opioid receptor compounds may have an effect on tumor progression. Of particular note is that compounds have high affinity for the mu opioid receptor and are full antagonist thus presenting more effective treatment for opioid, and in particular fentanyl, overdose, a major health concern in the United States at present.

US 8,859,777 issued 2014-10-14   [MORE INFO]
US 8,859,777 issued 2014-10-14   [MORE INFO]
US 8,859,777 issued 2014-10-14   [MORE INFO]
US 8,859,777 issued 2014-10-14   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$200,000

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