Method and Apparatus of Remotely-operated Automated External Defibrillator Incorporated into a Handheld Device

AED mobile defibrillator. A rescue cell apparatus used for cardiac defibrillation of a patient, the apparatus comprising: a hand held device for sending and receiving communication signals and configured to be used as a remote control to administer a defibrillation pulse to the patient for cardiac defibrillation; a defibrillator unit having a sensor electronic pad position able on the patient, the sensor electronic pad adapted to deliver the defibrillation pulse; and a second electronic pad, connectable by an electrical wire to the defibrillator unit, the second electronic pad position able on the patient and adapted to detect ECG signals and to deliver the defibrillation pulse to the patient; and an image recognition module configured in the handheld device, and adapted to Verify positioning of the sensor electronic pad and the second electronic pad on the patient before defibrillation.

US 9,737,723 issued 2017-08-22   [MORE INFO]

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