Minimally Invasive Networked Surgical System and Method

A system for performing non-invasive networked medical procedures including a number of in vivo medical devices, a communication path between at least two of the devices, an ex vivo control unit to control the behavior of the devices, and a wireless communication path between the control unit and at least one of the devices. An associated method for performing non-invasive networked medical procedures is also provided. Further included is a simulation method that utilizes accurate electromagnetic field simulations, using a software based test bench, to determine the maximum allowable transmitted power levels from in vivo devices to achieve a required bit error rates (BER) at an in vivo or ex vivo node (receiver) while maintaining the specific absorption rate (SAR) under a required threshold.

US 10,076,228 issued 2018-09-18   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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