Axillary Support Device for Shower Stalls

The invention is an axillary support device for a handicapped user of a common shower stall. The personal hygiene operations of handicapped people, affected by limited physical mobility, are indeed particularly difficult and often require the assistance of specialized personnel, and even in this case they may still be difficult. For people with limited physical mobility, it is intended people who are only able to carry out limited movements, in particular with reference to the lower limbs. Examples include the elderly; people with congenital or acquired defects of the lower limbs or pelvis; people with full functionality of only one lower limb, like people who have had one leg amputated or using artificial prostheses and people affected by heterometry of the lower limbs (difference of length of the bone segments of the lower limbs).

The system is substantially constituted by a pair of transverse arms fixed to the wall of a common shower stall by means of a pair of vertical supports, firmly anchored to said wall. Said transverse arms are arranged in a manner so as to be substantially perpendicular, in the longitudinal direction thereof, to the wall to which they are fixed and to be adjustable vertically and horizontally. Each transverse arm is provided with a covering made of soft and impermeable material to comfort the axillary use. The device also comprises a retention band adapted to support the user.

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WO 1,420,672 issued 2016-01-22
US 2,015,062,789 issued 2015-05-07   [MORE INFO]
IT 147,775,498 issued 2017-07-26   [MORE INFO]
EP 9,795,260 issued 2017-10-24   [MORE INFO]

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