MAKING ELECTRICITY from a Power Amplifier

Making electricity from a Power amplifier! THIS CAN SCALE UP AS BIG AS YOU CAN IMAGINE!!!
After 32 years of working on this I am now able to produce electricity. I have invented a power amplifier that can Scale very large. I'm looking to get this to work in our World. If you have the means or contacts let me know. No fuel or Pollution! I have validation from Brown University, I have taken this to Stony Brook University and have Engineer and testing validation. While I was at Stony Brook for a 2 hour meeting with 4 scientists, the conclusion of the meeting is they said to me, “We have never seen someone come this far with magnets! You do have a Power Amplifier. It take 4 lbs to operate this regardless of the load. It is capable of producing torque over 90 Ft. Lbs when geared down slower. 18 lbs of torque direct off the main crankshaft and almost 150 rpm. The amount of electricity on this model is a base, this can be made to produce so much more with more powerful models, more pistons and larger sizes. The applications are endless! This is compatible for solar, wind, fuel to use much less! and Battery Banks. The minimum of amplifying what ever you produce now to at least 4 times more with only this 2 cylinder and much more with larger models. I would like to hear from people who can License or buy into this and be able to move it forward with me. Thank you. Mac

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US 7,330,094 issued 2008-02-12   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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