This is the power of Clean Energy! More output than input. Certainly this is useful in every power producing system throughout the world. Of course, the big question is HOW? I will tell you, I have discovered how to operate powerful magnets with extremely little force, allowing all of the excess power to be used to turn a crankshaft for multiple operations, including generating power, charging batteries including automotive, multiplying electricity from 4 to 10, to hundreds of time what you are making now and it can grow to as large as you need. It will work in Hydro, Wind, Solar and any other source of power. THIS IS ALL DONE WITHOUT DEFYING ANY LAWS OF PHYSICS or THERMODYNAMICS. I have had Dr. Barrett Hazeltine, renowned Professor at Brown University, kindly help me with the main equations and he has estimated that model to produce a 10 output ration to 1. When I demonstrated the model to Stony Brook University, they named it the POWER AMPLIFIER after witnessing it operate. This cutting edge technology can be used in every part of our planet and it will continue to grow in use and applications. ***Please, only interested and qualified buyers respond and include the company you represent. All other responses will be ignored or deleted. Thank you.

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US 7,330,094 issued 2008-02-12   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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