I have a working model and a patent.
Scale-able. This invention is powerful and can be as big as your imagination can take it!
This model takes only 4 lbs to operate and puts out from 18 to over 90 lbs of torque. The 4 lbs of input never increases. The push and pull forces are applied to the crankshaft to make it useable.
This can be used in homes, using very little energy to operate this and running your entire house. Running off of solar to increase the output in small to farm size solar fields. Increasing hydro generation output, one battery can charge many, the list goes on.
This is only a 2 cylinder model, with 2” magnets with a pull force of around 230 lbs. There are 6” magnets available with a pull force of 1700 lbs. This can be built in the style of the Pie style engine (Gnome Engine) with 8 to 10 cylinders, not to stop here, this set up can be duplicated along side itself over and over on the same shaft with 80 to 100 cylinders. The magnets are made, they can be as big as desired and they only lose 1% in 10 years. With this kind of clean energy there is No pollution. No excess heat because there is no combustion and very little friction because the cylinder walls need only be guides for the piston. BIG and POWERFUL! I have been able to make this work and patented it. That took 21 years. I am now on my second model and in my 33rd year on this and this can be improved upon greatly. I am a welder and built most of my parts in my small shop. I used other parts not always the way they were designed to be used to get me to an operational standpoint. I know there is great technology and Engineers today who can take this to higher levels. This invention has been scrutinized and I have been put through the ringer and that all has turned into great validation for my work.
Magnets have pull force and I have found a way to use that force of the magnet and apply it to a crankshaft to be usable. There are big changes in magnets today, they are much more powerful. So my results are stronger. I have discovered how to operate the magnets to do work with very little force. Previously most engineers were only able to achieve a neutral result. I get that! But what has allowed me to get past that point is what I have discovered and built it, allowing the rest of the force of the magnets to be usable. It's a ratio of 4 lbs input to operate and 18lbs output of usable force and at slower rpm up to at least 90 lbs of torque. But keep in mind, that is the small model on my bench and this is a very scale-able invention.
Credibility. Years ago, about 12, I needed to do the math from magnetism to horse power. I was a crew chief on a race car team, a crew chief on an OH 58 in the 82nd Airborne Div. and pretty mechanical all my life. But I couldn't do that equation or knew anyone who could. I met a guy who knew the Lead Physicist at Brown. I got in touch with him and he did calculations for me, for not a penny. I think he was very intrigued, we have been in touch ever since about this project and he has estimated this be around 10 to 1 with improvements, I have a paper from him on this. I then was invited to Stony Brook to show my model, I hadn't finished my second model yet so I brought the first and very crude one. It was Brutal! I sat in front of 4 scientists for an hour meeting which lasted 2 hours. Half way through they said to me, “what you Do have is a Power Amplifier and we have never seen anyone come this far with magnets, this is amazing.” The model I have now is so much more impressive and I can turn a generator to make electricity and charge a battery with head lights on too. Never goes over the 4 lbs to operate. I also have
had engineers and a testing lab who have done papers for me as well. I have shown my engineered calculations to the testing Lab and the owner said this can't work. I invited him here and within 10 minutes of seeing it, even before I operated it for him he said, oh, now I get it!
The bottom line, is that this works! The objective is that force from magnets is able to do work in a usable way. And this can become very large and I believe in some future models that electricity can be routed so that it can operate itself and power much more.

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US 7,330,094 issued 2008-02-12   [MORE INFO]

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