Prosolez, the Clear Alternative to Bare Feet!

Prosolez is the clear alternative to going barefoot! It is a thin rubber, non-latex, water proof material, placed on the bottom of your foot, held on by a 3M medical grade adhesive material, already being used in the medical field.

It was created to prevent slips and fall type scenarios, as well as the spreading of foot fungus & many other infectious diseases. You simply peel back the thin layer of paper on the top side of the Prosolez, place them on the floor & off you go!

The bottom of the product that actually makes contact with the ground surface is a corrugated design, to channel water outwards or away, sort of like the tread of a tire. The corrugated ridges is what categorizes Prosolez as a design patent.

My product is extremely inexpensive to make, and could be used anywhere one would go barefoot. I created Prosolez due to my young son's Type 1 Diabetic condition, but we all use Prosolez in our happy little family. It would also be extremely useful for people suffering with Neuropathy. Some other areas of use are professional sports facilities, at water parks, beaches, nail salons, tanning salons, hospitals, public pool decks, public showers, hotels/resorts, any type of gyms or fitness centers, colleges, high schools, middle schools doctors’ offices, military facilities locally & abroad etc. Or even like myself, at your own personal residence.

I know that my product could do really well anywhere on this great earth that one would go barefoot. Especially at a time when we are all trying our very best to be extremely sanitary, due to the unfortunate Coronavirus crisis! Not only is it a great product to use, but it could take out a lot of the foot byproducts that people affected by foot fungus issues have to buy every day to treat such conditions.

Also putting these in hotels and resorts as complimentary products, would really make the customer feel like the staff truly cares about their well-being and safety. Please take consideration of my product, and absolutely do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns you may have for me. Thank you for your much appreciated attention!
Prosolez Design Patent #D809251

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US 809,251 issued 2018-02-06   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$2,000,000

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