Virus-Bacteria-Pathogen. Mosquito, Seasonal flu, Wildfire fighting with drone.

This invention is a response to COVID-19 for eradicating virus and bacteria on air and on surfaces. We have developed four product models based on our issued patent. (1) An ac operating pathogen disinfection station installed on a wheeled stand to be placed at the entrance way to disinfect people prior to admit entering a premises. (2) and (3), An ac and battery powered pathogen disinfection station installed on a wheeled stand can be installed on places like the entrance door or anywhere inside a premises. This model is a modular design in which the disinfection section can be detached and becomes a handheld unit from its stand to treat people who are unable to reach the station. Both models (1) and (2) and (3) are functioning to prevent hitchhiked pathogens from being brought in from outside.
(4) is an upper-room, upper-air pathogen disinfection wheeled station with a Wi-Fi connected or on timer controlled 24/7 indoor air disinfection system. This system brings pathogen contaminated air from floor level for disinfecting and distributing clean air through ceiling level to create active clean air convection.
All the four product models are perfectly working and ready for mass production.

We further developed other life saving inventions.

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US 10,501,180 issued 2019-12-10   [MORE INFO]
US 10,589,116 issued 2020-03-17   [MORE INFO]
US 9,999,213 issued 2018-06-19   [MORE INFO]
US 9,807,996 issued 2017-07-11   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$3,500,000

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