Device and method for continuous combustion of combustible material in a pyrolytic chamber

Todays solid fuel combustion systems produce alot of smoke, reducing combustion efficiency, alot of cost and high amount of carbon emissions.

This invention is an engineered innovation which provides orientation during burning, separating the gases from wood/biomass, which are then burned under clean conditions, avoiding more than 90% of carbon emissions compared to open buring or upto 50% compared to todays direct burning systems. The overall then leaves stable carbon structure today called biochar instead of ash. It is similar to getting crude oil and refining it to get other clean gases but this is done with wood. Wood/biomass from trees is renewable, controllable and reliable and with this criteria, is one of our energy independent sources.

This has been tested in very small versions as stoves for cooking in developing countries (see link below) but the use for developed countries with recent applications is even of more interest,

SE 5,443,122 issued 2022-04-05   [MORE INFO]

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